yogeshYogen Rahangdale

Senior Executive

Senior Executive Positions Held: Business Owner, President and CEO I Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer I President and COO and Executive Vice President of Operations I Executive Vice President, Group Vice President and Chief Technology Officer I Vice President Manufacturing and Procurement I Executive Director of  Manufacturing / Director, Manufacturing.

Over (45) years manufacturing and automotive expertise beginning in India as an Engineer at a steel plant. Rapidly earned advancements while employed at Volkswagen, Chrysler, American Axle and Manufacturing. Became business owner of Whitehall Industries and Empire Die Casting. Higher education includes a BSME in India and an MBA at Michigan State University.

Responsible for huge production volumes, capital expenditures, cost reductions and heavy restructuring endeavors. Proven performance easurability.


Business Acquisition

Capital Management

Process Optimization

Cost Reduction

Productivity Improvement

Labor Negotiations

Operational Restructuring

Strategic Planning

Global Expansion and Development

Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions

Technological Improvement

Decision Making and Delegation


Chairman of the Board
Diversified Manufacturing and Assembly 2017 – Current

Formed a company in partnership with major automotive tier-one supplier.

President and CEO 2014 – Current
Empire Die Casting, Macedonia, Ohio

Purchased Empire Die Casting from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy loan procedure.
Retained a majority of the employees who produce aluminum and zinc die castings
for a diverse market.
Improved EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization)
from a negative 3 Million to positive current sales of nearly $33 Million.

President and CEO 2010 – 2016
Whitehall Industries, Division of SRS Industries, LLC, Ludington, Michigan

Acquired distressed assets of Whitehall Industries (a precision aluminum extrusion and
manufacturing company) from a banking institution in 2010.
Increased sales from 33 Million in 2009 to a projected $120 Million in 2015.
Profitability in the same timeframe increased 22 times.
Extraordinary Achievements
Grew employment base from 330 to 750 Associates.
Established diversified customer base and product portfolio.
Expanded geographical footprint from Michigan to Kentucky and Mexico
Turnaround from one functional plant, and a plant closure, to four fully functional plants.
Revenue growth from $32 million in 2010 to $120 million in 2015 representing 36% CAGR.
During the same period EBITDA increased representing 65% CAGR.


Vice Chairman & Chief Technology Officer 2007 – 2009

Formulated corporate strategy; executed mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Executed joint ventures in India and China to penetrate local OEM markets. Prepared and submitted cost estimates for capital requirements and expenditures. Managed corporate capital projects in terms of budget, timing and performance. Developed material and machinery low cost sourcing plan to reduce capital expenditures.
Responsible for the direction of product, process and information technology.

Extraordinary Achievement

Persistent in Labor Negotiations with UAW that eliminated major elements of legacy labor cost and achieved annual cost reductions of over $300 Million per year.

President and Chief Operating Officer And Executive Vice President of Operations 2004 – 2007

Led, directed, coordinated and set priorities for AAM’s global operations. Initiated the strategy for global expansion, expanding company operations from the United States to Mexico, Brazil, Poland, China, India and Thailand. Determined optimal resource utilization strategies. Set labor, capital, material cost and consumption targets. Met budgeted productivity, quality and cost targets.

Extraordinary Achievements

Achieved parts per million (ppm) error reduction from 13,441 to 6 (Years1994 – 2007). Responsible for customer warranty reductions of 80 (Years 1996 – 2007). Reduced production hours per $1,000 of Sales from 10.3 to 3.5 Hours.
Successfully rationalized capacity in USA and expanded manufacturing and engineering footprint globally (Europe, Asia and South America).

Executive Vice President, Group Vice President & CTO 2001 – 2004

Led all global technical disciplines of AAM by coordinated efforts in Product Engineering, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. Oversaw construction of (2) newly built plants in Mexico and Brazil. Created new products such as rear drive modules, power take-off units, transfer cases and multi-piece drive shafts resulting in diversification and new business growth. Provided business training, coaching and mentoring to Technical Staff.
Transformed the cost estimating process to more accurately reflect Bill of Material content. Initiated “Knowledge Based Engineering” to capture institutional design knowledge and automate engineering activities. Originated the Electronics Engineering Group to create value-added electronics to AAM’s product portfolio. Up-started AAM India Services, Ltd. to reduce engineering and information technology cost. Directed the completion of AAM’s World Headquarters Building.

American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM), Detroit, Michigan (Continued)

Vice President Manufacturing & Procurement Services 2000 – 2001

Assumed Procurement responsibilities in addition to Manufacturing Services.
Managed Procurement of $1.8 Billion in direct and indirect commodities. Influenced American Axle to develop global suppliers.

Executive Director of Manufacturing Services 1998 – 2000

Responsible for planning capacity, capital, facilities and manpower for the entire organization together with Engineering and Information Technology departments. Facilities consisted of (3) plants in Detroit, Michigan as well as plants in Buffalo, N. Y., Three Rivers,
Michigan and Guanajuato, Mexico.

Extraordinary Achievements

Reduced American Axle’s Detroit Gear Manufacturing Plant machinery count from 300 to 50 machines. (This was achieved by converting the Hypoid Gear manufacturing process from 5 cut, wet cut to 2 cut, dry cut.) Increased production from 8,000 to 12,000 units.
Reduced Information Technology related cost by 50% in (2) Years. Completed conversion to Y2K compatible software within minimum budget and without any interruption of operations.

Director, Manufacturing Planning 1995 – 1998

Responsible for Capacity, Capital and Facilities planning Completed $440 Million GMT 800 Program (the world’s largest automotive platform) on time and under budget. Program challenges consisted of installing new machinery while maintaining current production.

Extraordinary Achievements

Achieved a 20% reduction in manpower requirements due to decision making expertise. Increased capacity of the manufacturing complex by 25%.

Chrysler Corporation, Auburn Hills, Michigan 1983 -1995 Manager 1991 – 1995

Paint and Anti-Corrosion Organization Formulated a corporate worldwide class quality plan that resulted in Chrysler becoming a 21st century paint system leader. At the same time developed strategies for achieving low cost and high quality paint production.
Extraordinary Achievements

Improved Quality 30% from 1985 to 1993. . Implemented $500 Million facility  pgrades during 1993 and 1994. Achieved $33 Million in cost reduction programs during Year 1993.

Chrysler Corporation (Continued)

Business Manager 1987 – 1991 Paint and Anti-Corrosion Business Group

Coordinated with cross functional groups relative to cost reductions and quality improvements. Provided sourcing recommendations for over $300 Million per year in paint and chemicals. Introduced “first in the world” sludge drying systems that reduced common air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and landfill, and powder anti-chip technologies.

Extraordinary Achievements

Achieved over $250 Million in operation savings within (4) Years. Recipient of the Chrysler Corporation “Chairman’s Award” for Group Accomplishments.

Facilities Manager – Paint and Anti-Corrosion 1983 -1987

Joined Chrysler Corporation as a Paint Specialist in the Paint and Anti-Corrosion Organization and was promoted to Facilities Manager.

Volkswagen of America, New Stanton, Pennsylvania 1979 – 1983

Senior Engineer

Prepared annual capital expenditure program for entire facility.
Planned and managed all Plant Engineering projects.


Before seeking U. S. employment earned a BSME Degree in India and devoted (6) years to working as a Lead Engineer at the Bhilai Steel Plant in Bhilai. In charge of maintenance and repair of plant machinery, equipment and locomotives used for internal transportation.
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
MBA – Master of Business Administration
Government Engineering College (A.P.S. University), Rewa, India
BSME – Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Business Acquisition

Acquired distressed assets of Empire Die Casting, Macedonia, Ohio and Whitehall Industries,
Ludington, Michigan turning them into profitable business enterprises.

American Axle and Manufacturing (AAM)

Restructured, modernized and led a 10,000 employee company generating more than $3 Billion
in sales as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Led the strategy for global expansion, expanding company operations from the United States to
Mexico, Brazil, Poland, China, India and Thailand.

Formulated a corporate strategy that diversified product and expanded our portfolio from Trucks
and SUVs to Passenger Cars. Products were transformed from mechanical to electro-
mechanical entities resulting in an increase from 3% to 75% in electronic content.

Managed over $4 Billion in capital expenditures to upgrade our infrastructure, production
equipment and new facilities.

Signed multiple Joint Ventures (JVs) to expand market in China and India that penetrated a low
cost segment of the market with their local vehicle producers.

Achieved significant Productivity Improvements reducing labor usage from 10.3 hours per
$1,000 of sales to 3.5 hours per $1,000 of sales.

Achieved measurable Quality Improvements resulting in parts per million (ppm) defects from
(13,441) to (6) defects within 13 Years . . . a 99% performance improvement.

Remained actively involved in Labor Negotiations resulting in a dramatically reduced legacy
labor cost for American Axle and Manufacturing.

Chrysler Corporation

Directed a new vehicle launch resulting in $20 Million below budget as Project Manager for the
“P” car program.

Implemented $500 Million in facility upgrades.

Responsible for 30% Quality Improvement from 1985 – 1993.

Generated over $800 Million in cost savings from 1985 – 1993.

Initiated solutions for environmental issues saving $24 Million and developed “first in the world”
sludge volume reduction and powder anti-chip technologies.