SudhaDr. Sudha Patil

Owner/Wine Maker Narmada Wineries

Dr. Sudha Patil’s extraordinary palate and B.S. in Chemistry go hand in hand in producing Narmada Winery’s elegant wines. Since the short time the winery has opened its doors, her skills in both the art and science of winemaking have brought national and international recognition and more than forty gold medals.

Sudha focuses on creating graceful wines that preserve the true character of the fruit. She became interested in winemaking through her travels across the U.S. and internationally with her husband Pundit.

Dr. Patil’s formal study of winemaking began with Jim Law of Linden Vineyards who she calls the “guru” of Virginia wine. Sudha works closely with consultant Tom Payette to fine-tune her approach to producing best quality wines from the best Virginia grown fruit. “Not enough can be said about these wonderful people in my life of winemaking” Sudha says.

In addition to managing wine development and production for Narmada Winery Sudha’s touch is evident in the lovingly landscaped grounds, warm and welcoming tasting rooms and her international sensibility in the décor, food pairing and gift selection.

Sudha is from Thane, a proud resident of Virginia currently, she practiced endodontics for over twenty years. A mother of two and grandmother of four Sudha gained a new passion, winemaking, in the उत्तर रंग stage of her life.