Spider Lockhart career in advocating change began in High School when he was going door to door raising funds for an action group fighting utility rate hikes. And though he studied political science at the University of Dayton, Lockhart was attracted to commerce and in particular sales. After a career spanning finance technology and services including successful assignments at Tektronix, Sun MicroSystems, Dell and others, he then moved to more entrepreneurial pursuits at Maxager (Profit Velocity), NetFrame, F3 and Eloquence.

In 2005, Lockhart, with then Tata Technologies CEO Ulrich Herter, wrote the award-winning book On Selling Management after helping Herter’s company experience a more than 300% increase in sales revenue at a struggling division of the company.

Spider’s firm, Pathworks, works with CEO’s and sales leadership to implement a uniquely effective sales practice management protocol that transform sales operations into a sustainable competitive. advantage. Lockhart went on to complete his MBA at the Freeman Scholl at Tulane and continues to study subjects applicable to improving sales performance metrics for his company’s clients. Pathworks operates out of Chicago, Minneapolis and Southeast Michigan.