Short Film Screening

1. Anand Tarang:
“This vacation, don’t just go places… This vacation, go back to old days…This vacation, go back to your hobbies… Meet yourself!”
A short film by Ashish Lotangane (Saint Paul, Minnesota) and Ashish Bhojane (Chicago, Illinois)
Running Time: 15 minutes.

2. Rangolee:
Rangolee – or simply Lines of Color – this short film reveals the origins of this age old art form, describes the intriguing mathematics involved and explores its contribution in developing early learning skills in young minds… It is worth a watch!
Written and produced by Madhuri Bapat from Arizona.
Running Time: 20 minutes

3. Marathi Antari:
This short musical depicts the story of an American Marathi – his journey in the land of opportunity – getting to know its people, customs and the culture and becoming a part of it – all while cherishing the connection to the Marathi roots at heart! Isn’t this the story of every American Marathi…?
Come – re-live your experiences through this short film by Vikas Phansalkar from New Jersey.
Running time: 15 minutes

4. Sangeet Govind Gaurav:
A heartfelt tribute to the late Shri. Govindrao Patwardhan – a magician at work – playing the “Peti” (organ) and accompanying the stalwarts of Indian music from Bal Gandharva, Kumar Gandharva, Chhota Gandharva, Bhimsen Joshi to the youngest upcoming stars. A humble soul who never had any formal training but proved indispensable through sheer love of music…. a “must have” experience!
A beautifully produced short film by Dhananjay Mehendale from Pune.
Running Time: 30 minutes

5. Upside Downside Up:
A unique and intriguing presentation of drawings and paintings that appear to depict a subject looking at it one way – turn it upside down and it depicts something completely different – or is it the same?
You have to take a look yourself to find out!
Presentation by Arvind Narale from Toronto, Canada.
Running Time: 6 minutes