Nick SuinoNicklaus Suino

Michigan SEO Group

Michigan SEO Group [MSG] co-founder Nicklaus Suino is a martial arts expert, attorney, entrepreneur and writer who has published nine books on topics ranging from swordsmanship and mindset to business success and online marketing. He’s used the core principles of marketing to get one of his books featured in Black Belt Magazine, another book to #1 in Amazon’s “Fencing” category, to create single emails that have generated tens of
thousands of dollars in revenue, and to build thriving small businesses.

Nick co-founded SEO Ann Arbor in 2006 with Don E. Prior III. In 2016, in recognition of the greater footprint of their client base and their larger influence in online marketing, the company was re-branded as Michigan SEO Group. Their clients range from local contractors with 10 employees and small manufacturers to national brands and international industrial suppliers. MSG is a full-service marketing team focusing on – but not limited to – online
marketing, including website design and hosting, content writing, blog and social media management, reputation management, pay-per-click management, and strategic consultation.

A recent quote from Nick: “if I’ve learned one thing in 25 years in business, it’s that people are everything, no matter what industry you’re in. Find great people or help create them, but once you’ve built those friendships, move Heaven and earth to keep them close and your life will be rich beyond measure.”