Maryn WeimerMaryn Weimer

Senior Associate Director The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (CAR)

CAR is the largest center in the College of Engineering with annual research expenditures reaching over $10M. CAR is a leader in advanced propulsion systems;fuel economy; vehicle safety, connectivity and autonomy; and advanced driver assistance systems. CAR was a key component and partner of the Smart City Grant and has brought expertise and research capability into the City of Columbus’ overall Smart City strategy.

Maryn has responsibility for planning, directing and developing the Center’s programs, while managing and providing oversight of all administrative, operational, fiscal and human resources responsibilities. Key team member in leading CAR in maintaining and strengthening its leadership in automotive research. Responsible for collaborating and connecting researchers, faculty and staff at Ohio State together around Smart Mobility
solutions. Leads CAR strategic development to ensure aligned strategy among Smart Mobility related faculty, Smart City initiatives and overall Mobility initiatives at Ohio State University.