gajananDr. Gajanan Sabnis

Dr. Sabnis has teaching, industrial and research experience totaling to over five decades, most of it in the United States. He also has over 20 years of rehabilitation experience with various types of concrete structures, technical and professional committees at national level and in construction management. He was elected Distinguished Member of ASCE, the highest honor bestowed by the society.

Dr. Sabnis worked with Deloitte after retiring from Howard University for two years to develop project management in India and in the UAE with US office. Currently, he splits time between India and USA in advising on project financing and for infrastructure development. He is working on the concept of Infrastructure Report Card and health monitoring of structures leading to sustainable structures, based his long-term experience in the USA.

During his presentation, Dr. Sabnis will focus on the recent bi-lateral treaty related to stay in the US by visitors to their family in the US over a period of 3 years and how it may affect their taxation in the US. In addition, he will also present the support entity that he has created to assist elderly parents/others, who live in India or US and neglect old stocks, bonds transactions they own, and may lose everything unknowingly. The company will track them, locate them and work towards recovering them. This needs patience and skills to contacting and tracing them through fruition, thus providing the complete A-Z service.