Dave Grossman

Founder and Principal Dynamic Strategy Group LLC

Dave Grossman is the founder and principal of the Dynamic Strategy Group LLC, a Rochester Hills, Michigan, consulting firm specializing in innovation, strategic planning, technology roadmapping, business model development, and product and process development. His background includes over 35 years of diversified domestic and international management and consulting experience. He has expert skills in innovation, leadership, organization, motivation, teamwork and creativity. He has demonstrated proficiencies for taking abstract vision and creative ideas and converting them into actionable plans and marketable products and services.

Prior to forming the Dynamic Strategy Group LLC, Dave was director of Global Technology Planning for General Motors Corporation located in Warren, Michigan. In this position, he led the process development and implementation of technology roadmapping on an enterprise wide basis and creation of a web-based, global technology database. He directed the design of a technology portfolio selection/evaluation tool and managed the product development gate review process. Much of his focus was on identifying high-potential future technologies and commercializing technologies and improving the links between R&D, engineering, finance, marketing and the supplier community. He had the opportunity to work with numerous small companies to assist in developing the application path for new technologies. He held many domestic and international executive positions in planning, engineering, and management during his 32 years with GM.

Dave is currently working with the MI-SBDC to expand the capability of entrepreneurial and startup companies to use technology roadmapping and other highly visual techniques to better target their work to meet the latent and explicit needs of the market and identify required resources, complementary technologies, and partners to ensure successful commercialization. He provides consulting, training and tool development to the MI-SBDC.

Dave has a degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.