Amol_FulambarkarAmol Fulambarkar

Director, Excellence Capital

Amol is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Design Solution, Inc., Virginia USA and Pune India( from 2005), Soil and Structure consulting Inc, Virginia, USA( from 2007) and Structural repairs and Renovation Inc, Virginia( from 2013). He has been a very successful entrepreneur and brings in a great mix of leadership, inspiration, strategic planning, marketing and business development. As a CEO he is responsible for developing and achieving the company’s overall vision, strategy, financial objective and investment priorities.
Amol has a vast real estate experience and is a fellow member of Structural Engineering Institute and American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also a member of Northern Virginia Building Industry Association and has worked cohesively with the national and regional builders in all aspects of land and home building operations.
Amol holds a bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Nagpur and Masters degree in Structural Engineering from University of Pune. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and New York.