Iowa: Amhala Pun Jamta

“Amhala Pun Jamta” from Iowa is a made-for-BMM2017 production. It is an exciting combination of drama, dance and music, exploring a human story that would be of interest to all audiences.

The title of the show works at least at three levels:

First, it is an obvious play on the word “pun”. Literally, the title could mean “We can do it too!” – OR – “We can make puns!” – OR – “We can make decisions!” Some of us have been “accused” by many-an-American-friend that Indian conversations are laced with a superhuman love for puns. We are confident that this experience is true for most of us – how many of us have been to a Maharashtrian party or gathering where the conversations involved less than 20 puns??? So – yes – “Amhala Pun Jamta” definitely has its share of pun-fun, including an entire dance that plays on words and actions in bi- and tri-lingual ways!

Second, at a slightly deeper level, the title is an expression of our pride that this represents the first-ever performance from Iowa at a BMM. In fact, unlike bigger cities in the US, there is no formally (dis?)organized Maharashtra Mandal in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area. This performance represents a true grassroots effort by a group of Eastern Iowan Marathi artists/enthusiasts who have come together to present this creation to the larger Marathi community under the banner of a WhatsApp group named “Iowa Marathi Mandal”. Thus, the title expresses our drive that “We (Iowa) can do it (at BMM) too!”

Third (and probably at the deepest level), “Amhala Pun Jamta” takes on a rather unexpected meaning in the context of the story that explores the relationship between a father and his three children. Life’s events and puNs (decisions) shape the key characters in the story, which is developed in the form of snippets that get finally interwoven into a thought-provoking concept that will be very familiar to everyone (and near and dear to the heart).

As a bonus, the performance will end in a quiz for the audience with prizes to be won (approx $300)! Pun tumhala jamel? – ka – tumhala pun jamel?

Don’t miss this show – it’s definitely very punny!